Bobbi Sue and Her Incredible Story

//Bobbi Sue and Her Incredible Story

The kitten that won’t give up

Bobbi Sue Recovering with Steelers Terrible Towel
Bobbi Sue, a tiny gray tabby, was admitted to University Veterinary Specialists as, we thought at the time, a stray kitten. On September 3, a bystander rushed her to our 24 Hour Emergency Vet Care & Trauma Services after seeing her being hit by a vehicle on a busy road. Bobbi Sue had a broken pelvis, a broken arm, and a number of serious scrapes and bruises. What we didn’t know when Bobbi Sue first came to UVS was that being hit by a car was just a small part of her story.

We have since learned that Bobbi Sue was not a stray cat, but rather a foster kitten who had gotten loose from her foster family. Bobbi Sue’s mother and six siblings were rescued from a kill shelter in 2015. Sadly, mom and four of the siblings passed away from panleukopenia; only Bobbi Sue and her brother, Billy Jo Bob, survived.

Small Animal Surgeon Dr. Patricia Kupanoff with Bobbi SueOur Small Animal Surgeon, Dr. Patricia Kupanoff, completed three successful surgeries on Bobbi Sue. The first surgery repaired her broken humerus bone; the second reattached her pelvis to her spine; the third attached her abdominal muscles back to her pelvis. Bobbi Sue might be small, but her will to live and to enjoy life is huge. Even with a broken arm she was kneading, or “making biscuits,” and she has continued to do so since her surgeries.  For those who don’t already know, kneading is generally a sign of comfort in cats so we were happy to see her returning to this normal behavior.

We’re happy to say that despite the stitches, scars, and scrapes Bobbi Sue is back with her rescue group and healing well! She is eating, going to the bathroom, and is still making her biscuits. Please visit Best Furry Friends Adoptions to learn more about Bobbi Sue and how you can help with her recovery and adoption.

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