Overcoming the Odds: Spot the Cat

//Overcoming the Odds: Spot the Cat

spotSpot came in to University Veterinary Specialists in a diabetic crisis – his blood sugar was extremely high and his electrolytes (sodium and potassium) were abnormal. It was also discovered that he had kidney disease, was severely anemic, had a urinary tract infection, and was constipated.

While the UVS team, led by Emergency and Critical Care Specialist Dr. Anne Stoneham, worked on fixing these issues and stabilizing Spot, he went into cardiac arrest. Staff worked quickly and efficiently and Spot was resuscitated. After several days of intensive care including blood transfusions, intensive monitoring and more, he was well enough to go home!

The significance of the Emergency Team’s work and Spot’s fight to live cannot be underwritten as the likelihood that an animal will leave the hospital after arresting is only between 3-6%!

Spot still faces a number of health challenges including chronic kidney disease, persistent anemia, chronic constipation, and his diabetes control. There is also a possibility that he has another condition that makes his diabetes even more difficult to regulate. But with his owner’s dedicated care and the concerted efforts of Dr. Stoneham, Dr. Rogers (Internal Medicine), and the UVS staff, we will work to make sure Spot’s time with his family is spent in comfort, and filled with love.

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