Dr. Apryle Horbal – AAEP | Focus on Dentistry

//Dr. Apryle Horbal – AAEP | Focus on Dentistry

LEXINGTON, KY – On Monday, July 17th, Dr. Apryle Horbal was invited to present as a part of the 3-day international “Focus on Dentistry” symposium hosted by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).  The AAEP is known for providing its members with the professional development necessary to improve the health and welfare of horses.  The AAEP strives to be its members’ primary resource for education and ethical standards in the industry.

Dr. Horbal presented alongside her esteemed colleagues where topics such as tooth extraction, clinical diagnostics, and how to give comprehensive equine oral exams were all covered over the three-days of presentations.  Specifically, Dr. Horbal’s presentation covered a newly developing area of equine dentistry, infundibular caries.

Dr. Horbal explains that dental caries are hollow spaces in a horse’s tooth, similar to a cavity, that exist due to the demineralization of enamel and dentin as a part of a horse’s teeth.  This demineralization is a reaction a fermentable carbohydrate within the biology of the horse, and other bacteria found in the horse’s mouth.  This particular type of carie occurs when there is food debris packed into the existing caries, causing severe damage to the dental structural integrity.

The research on infundibular caries is still in its infancy; there is much to learn about the best preventative measures and possible new treatments for this type of equine dental situations.  Dr. Horbal’s presentation was a necessary step to take when aiming to educate equine practitioners about infundibular caries and how to ensure the use of necessary healthcare practices to secure the welfare of all horses.  Dr. Horbal is heading up impressive research about infundibular caries, and her presentation was heavily applauded by her fellow veterinary dental experts!

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