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Greetings from the new Reproduction Department at the University Veterinary Specialists!!!


My name is Dr. Joann Randall (Dr. Jo) and I am the new Theriogenologist here for Canine Reproduction.  I practice full time in Woodstock, IL, just north of Chicago, and am VERY excited about initiating a Reproduction Department here at the clinic.  I am personally here 3 days a month.

“What?????  How are you running 2 places at once??” you might say!  Well, we have 2 repro technicians, Kylie and Brianna, that have had extensive training to assist your breeding needs when I am not here.  They can answer phone calls and schedule progesterone testing (which we run in-house with a 1 ½ hour turn around time!!) and can collect and ship semen as well.  Dr. Brianne Miller is a full time clinician with an emphasis on ultrasound and can perform any reproductive ultrasound that is needed such as pregnancy diagnostics, male prostate issues, etc.  She and Dr. Amanda Della Penna, who is also on staff full time, are both trained and available for transcervical and surgical inseminations as well as cesarean sections.  Since we are a 24-hour facility, we always have trained staff here for any emergency work…….and we all know those puppies like to come at 2AM!!!

In addition, we have state-of-the art teleHEALTH capabilities through VetNOW.  Therefore, I can see your dog and talk to you from Chicago via VetNOW video conference any time should the need arise and I am not present.

When I am here, I am scheduled for OFA radiographs, infertility issues, and freezing semen (tentatively scheduled to start next month!!!) as well as anything else that comes in for breeding timing or breeding.

Follow us on this weekly blog covering all aspects of canine breeding!!!  We have a darling bitch you will meet next week that is starting the breeding process.  She is a bit nervous about being a blog “super-girl”!!!  Looking forward to meeting you!!!


If you have any topics you wish us to cover on the blog, please email them to me:



Our Repro team (from left to right): Dr. Amanda Della Penna, Dr. Brianne Miller, Dr. Jo Randall, Brianna, and Kylie

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