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Our veterinary surgeons use their advanced training to improve the lives of pets every day. Services include:

Evaluation of lameness: Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us where it hurts and it can be very challenging to determine what is referred pain versus a primary source of pain. Our surgical team can evaluate your pet’s lameness and determine the source of the lameness. They will then present you with a plan for how we can most effectively get your pet comfortable again and discuss what our options are towards getting them walking normally again. Options here may not necessarily include small animal surgery, as some cases may be treated with services like canine rehabilitation.

Soft tissue surgery: Our surgical team offers a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries. These can include removing masses from skin or tissue, removing bladder stones, removing obstructions from intestines, and a wide variety of other surgical procedures.

Orthopedic surgery: One of the most common injuries in dogs is that they rupture their cranial cruciate liagement (this is called the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament in people, but is the same thing). The surgery for this is called a tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, or TPLO surgery.

Spinal surgery: Unfortunately, dogs and cats can get back problems just like people do. If your pet becomes paralyzed or is having trouble walking or even just back pain this could be the cause. Our surgical team is here to help diagnose the problem and provide surgery if needed.

If your veterinarian has referred you to our practice for surgical care, please call (412) 500-5010, make an appointment online, or bring your pet in for emergency veterinary care if the matter is urgent.