Crosby Beat the Odds!

//Crosby Beat the Odds!

Crosby is a Golden Retriever who came to University Veterinary Specialists in January of 2017 for a second opinion on what turned out to be a very big deal.

He presented with lameness in his right front leg, and was unable to walk. As it turned out, Crosby had a 20cm tumor in his right shoulder – almost 8 inches in diameter! A surgical biopsy was performed by board certified surgeon Dr. Bill Linney to determine the severity of the tumor. His diagnosis was histiocytic sarcoma, and unfortunately his options were limited.

8-year-old Crosby had two choices: amputate the right forelimb, or go through a chemotherapy regiment that only has a 30% response rate for his diagnosis.

As you can tell, Crosby’s Dad chose chemotherapy with renowned oncologist Dr. Guillermo Couto. Look at him go!

It was a long road but Crosby fought, slowly healed, and is up and walking around today. He went from only being able to lay, progressed to “knuckling”, and can now plant his paw and walk!

Way to go Crosby – we are all cheering for you!

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